IRT All-Star The Way Of The Horse

IRT All-Star The Way Of The Horse

The All-Stars

EQUITANA Melbourne is bringing back four All-Star trainers for this year’s The Way Of The Horse (TWOTH) Challenge.

To celebrate the 20th year of EQUITANA in Australia, the world-famous horse-starting challenge will feature past champions, making this the ultimate horsemanship competition. This is one that’s not to be missed!


The 2018 TWOTH Challenge will showcase the training techniques of four previous winners of the competition: Bruce O'Dell (2014), Ken Faulkner (2012), Adam Sutton (2010) and the first EQUITANA Auckland TWOTH winner, Tui Teka (2017). They will go head-to-head across the four days of EQUITANA Melbourne, transforming four unhandled horses from wild to willing, in the hope of being crowned champion of champions!

During the Challenge, our four All-Star trainers will demonstrate their highly personal and specialised methods of connecting with an unbroken horse.

This electrifying horsemanship contest is action-packed right from the start. After choosing their young, unhandled horse from a selection trucked directly from paddock to the venue, the four trainers work simultaneously in separate round pens, giving the public a unique opportunity to compare starting methods and training styles. Contestants will be judged by a respected panel of judges and the overall winner will be announced at the highly anticipated finale on Sunday evening of EQUITANA Melbourne.

TWOTH was created in 2005 by EQUITANA Australia to demonstrate a kinder and more caring way to start a young horse and to showcase the impressive training skills of our home-grown horsemen and women. The trainers chosen for the Challenge each year represent the same ethos and with All-Star Champions being selected to compete in 2018, it is sure to be a horsemanship competition like no other.

Find out more about our All-Star trainers competing in November below.

Tui Teka

Champion: EQUITANA Auckland 2017

Ken Faulkner

Champion: EQUITANA Melbourne 2012

Bruce O`Dell

Champion: EQUITANA Melbourne 2014

Adam Sutton

Champion: EQUITANA Melbourne 2010