Australian Ranch Horse Invitational

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A sport and competition that shows an array of horsemanship that far exceeds any other western discipline.

Ranch horse sport has its roots deeply ingrained in the ranch work of the Spanish vaquero who migrated from Mexico to California from 1700-1820s. With the lush pastures here, the vaqueros were able to develop the skills of their horses and held competitions for the best trained, versatile horse to pass the time of day. These horses and the people who trained them were revered for their talents.

The ranch horse’s versatility sees them compete over six primary elements:

1. Entry level being a Ranch horse comfortably travelling forward with quick footedness and smoothness and responsive to cues.

2. The trail horse worked in partnership with its rider over all terrains and used to drag poles to assist in building fences, carrying calves and other ranch tasks, simulated today in the show arena.

3. The discipline of cutting, taking a beast from the herd and yarding it.

4. Ranch reining differing from the show reiner, as it delivers fast maneuovers; stopping deep in the ground, rapid turnarounds, instant speed; ready to work a cow at any second in time.

5. Boxing, holding the cow away from the herd.

6. To the advanced horse, the Reined Cow Horse. A horse competing with the highest level of skill in three phases of cutting – reining – cow horse with the exhilarating down the fence phase. The people who ride reined cow horses considered the most accomplished of all western exhibitors and trainers.

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The ranch horse events are run both in and outside the arena; classes are designed to show the versatility of the horse and the quiet skill of the horseman, based on the respectful training methods of the vaquero.

Ranch Horse is attracting families with youth and amateur owners competing and winning buckles and prizes, through to those vying to demonstrate their skill in the reined cow horse.

People are drawn to the natural look as the horse and rider respect the vaquero in their dress code. It is a sport that welcomes breed and unregistered horses with the common interest of people that enjoy good horsemanship.

Come and watch these horses as they show their talents in the ranch riding, trail, and reining disciplines to vie for the title of Australian Ranch Horse. Youth, Amateur Owner and Open riders will be competing in their divisions.


Rowville Competition Arena
Thursday 1:15pm - 3:00pm
Australian Ranch Horse Invitational