Breed Showcase Finale

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The Breed Showcase Finale will run as a ‘best in show’ offering the ultimate accolade.

Breeders and members of societies exhibiting horses within the Kelato Animal Health Breed Village will have the opportunity to nominate their best breed representative to compete in the Breed Showcase Finale.

To add to the fun and to get the audience involved there will also be a People’s Choice Award. The general public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite Exhibit in the Kelato Animal Health Breed Village. Don’t miss this ultimate Breed Showcase Finale!

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Each Exhibit will be scored by each judge independently, in accordance to their breed standards, and given a mark out of ten. The top five highest scores will proceed to a Final, judged against other breeds, where the judges will confer to decide on a final ‘Best of Show’ runner up, and overall winner. In the case of a draw, judges will confer to narrow the numbers to five. Horses will be judged on the below:

- general character
- colour
- height
- conformation (ie. head, neck, shoulders, forelegs, back and loins)
- movement
- presentation


Think Fencing Arena
Saturday 12:00pm - 12:45pm
Breed Showcase Finale