Jump & Drive

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Always a crowd favourite at EQUITANA, this competition sees a showjumper paired with a carriage driver for the ultimate display of equine teamwork. The jumping rider will complete a tight showjumping course before dismounting their horse and latching onto the back of carriage to provide balance for the vehicle as it whips through a cones course as fast as possible.

It is an adrenaline packed competition and always goes down to the wire, the smallest mistake could be the difference between glory or going home!

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A rider/ horse combination gets teamed up with a carriage/ driver combination.
The rider and horse jump a short course, then the rider jumps on the back of the carriage and the driver will drive their course.
Each rail or cone down will incur a penalty of 4 seconds.
The winner will be the pair with the fastest total time.


Rowville Competition Arena
Saturday 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Jump & Drive