Dare To Compare – Utility Tractors without Compromise

A quality that’s 100 years in the making

Our tractors have revolutionised agricultural productivity for the past 100 years. Come and see us at the John Deere Pavilion to find out how we can help you transform the productivity on your property.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we forge iron and steel, rubber and glass into machines of the highest possible standards. John Deere has a passion for quality engineering - and it shows, in every nut, bolt and weld of our compact utility tractors.

Every tractor is factory-fitted with the correct technology for life in Australia and New Zealand, so you can be sure it has everything you need to operate smoothly and safely from the very start. From mirrors and lights to emission standards, safety warnings and metric nuts and bolts, our people in our factories pull out all the stops to make sure you enjoy the best of both worlds: built to USA standards with Australian and New Zealand specifications added. We never compromise.

So what makes the John Deere difference?

We understand you need things to be easy. With our Compact Utility Tractors, you can connect a mower deck without leaving your seat or attach a loader in minutes. We have a range of transmission options, 4WD and differential lock plus efficient powerful lift and towing hitches, front and rear to increase the versatility of your tractor. Not to mention our 6-Year Powertrain Warranty* on our 1 – 4 Family Tractors giving you peace of mind.

Your local John Deere dealer can provide you with advice on choosing the right tractor for your needs through to maintenance and repairs to ensure your investment runs like clockwork, just like the day you got it.

Nothing Runs Like a Deere ™

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*Valid on 1-4 Family Utility Tractors. Conditions apply. 6 year/2000 hours (whichever comes first). See your local John Deere dealer for more information on the Limited Warranty for New John Deere Turf & Utility Equipment.