Fight or Flight, what’s it got to do with choosing the right horse fence?

All animals, including us, have what is referred to as a fight-or-flight response. This is a physiological response to a perceived harmful event or attack, or threat to survival. This response is what makes choosing the right horse fencing so important to the safety of your horse.

Horses prefer to flee from danger (Flight), if possible. However, if flight is not an option, horses will fight to protect themselves from a perceived danger. Horses evolved from small mammals whose survival depended on their ability to flee from predators.

This basic survival mechanism is still ingrained in the modern horse. Although we have removed most of the predators from the life of the domestic horse, its first instinct when frightened is to run away from the perceived danger. Consequently when they are enclosed in a paddock and run away from this danger, there is often another real danger lurking at the other end of the paddock. The fence…

We as humans are responsible for the outcome of this evolutionary flight response. With this being said, we can minimise potential harm caused by this response and potentially fatal consequence. We can create a safe environment for our horses. And by safe environment, I am talking of a well maintained paddock with specifically designed horse safe fencing.

Think fencing manufacturers Australia’s largest range of Horse safe fencing products and supplies horse studs, thoroughbred race tracks and agistments facilities Australia wide. Drawing on over a decade of experience we have created a guide on choosing the right horse fence.

This Blog discusses the benefits and shortfalls of various horse fencing options available today.