Longvue – The Making of an Equestrian Dream

In the midst of the beautiful pastoral hinterland of the Yarra Ranges lies the small town of Nar Nar Goon. Hidden in the nearby hills is a property called Longvue, home to another hidden gem - the renowned dressage equestrian, Glenn Fryer.

Glenn is one of the most fundamental supporters of Australian dressage. A former international competitor himself, Glenn continues to train dressage horses to the highest level and works tirelessly to promote and support the sport.

From a young age Glenn competed in show jumping and hacking, but the 1970 arrival in Australia of Franz Mairinger, inspiring Austrian equestrian and former trainer of Vienna’s elite Spanish Riding School, ignited his passion for dressage.

Franz had been invited to Australia to showcase the elegant sport in front of a wider audience. Glenn’s family hosted Franz at their property in Berwick for several years, training Glenn and other young hopefuls such as Mary Hanna. Glenn went on to train a number of horses to international level. His palomino El Donaire was selected by Olympic trainer Rosemary Springer to represent Australia at Montreal in 1976, however funding limitations prevented their participation.

In 1980 Glenn purchased former eventer‘ The Liberator’ from Bill Roycroft, and after years of training at home and in the United States, the pair completed an impressive campaign, culminating in the 1986 World Championships in Canada.

Now retired from professional competition, Glenn’s journey continues at home, where he dedicates a great deal of time training his young Floristan warmblood, ‘Longvue Florencio’.

With the incredible support of his partner Peter, Glenn promotes dressage at every level. They have organised countless fundraisers, clinics and shows, and they continue to sponsor individuals and events to foster emerging talent and nurture the growth of the sport.

For Glenn and Peter, Longvue is much more than a beautiful equine property– it’s the product of a lifetime dedicated to equestrian sport.


Longvue is proud to support the CDI GP at Equitana in association with Mulawa Performance.