SURVIVE A BITE – Rescue Swag

New Product Launch!

Built to be portable, compact and stocked with essential first aid items, Rescue Swag Explorer is a must-have in any truck, float, stable or feedshed. A multi-use first aid kit, the Explorer holds essential first aid items like the Indicator Snakebite Bandage, CPR mask, triangular bandage and survival blanket. The kit itself also transforms into a SLING, SPINT and IMMOBILISATION DEVICE – A stand-out from every other kit on the market. Our customers say Rescue Swag is their ‘peace of mind’ while they’re out adventuring, something our team can personally vouch for!

We are also passionate about snake education and safety, and will be hosting LIVE SNAKES at our stall, from 11.15 am – 1:15pm on Friday and Saturday.

Our free demonstrations will cover:

  • Snake Identification
  • Snake Safety & Awareness
  • Snakebite Treatment

Visit the team at stall 304 in the Epsom Pavilion, and snag your ‘peace of mind’ at EQUITANA!