Top Campdraft family join Team Fiber Fresh

The Mcnaughton family led by Bruce with his wife Julie, son Ben and his partner Laura have been involved with the sport of campdraft for over five decades. Six time world champion winner Bruce has accumulated many significant campdraft accolades and notched up hundreds of competition wins throughout his stellar career and is recognised as one of the greatest campdraft riders of our time. The Mcnaughton family are synonymous with the sport of campdraft in Australia and alongside competing, they breed and school horses, helping to train the next generation of campdraft champions.

In April 2018 The Mcnaughton’s joined Team Fiber Fresh having been early adopters of Fiber Fresh’s forage feeds. They were already strong advocates and Bruce who has a lifetime of experience of feeding horses quickly saw the benefits their products brought to his horses’ diets.

The Mcnaughton family immediately connected with the Fiber Fresh team demonstrating integrity, hard work and dedication. Their horses are well bred, well-schooled, well fed and look great. Bruce and his family know the importance of a healthy diet and they practice what they preach ensuring that quality forage is at the centre of their horses diets. As a family business Fiber Fresh relates to the collective dedication and passion the Mcnaughton’s share for the campdraft sport.

“Since feeding Fiber Fresh we've noticed an improvement in our horses topline and gastric health. The horses are performing better, they have more energy, but they don’t get fizzy. I like Fiber Fresh because it can be fed by itself or with a bit of grain and its really good when travelling horses.”

Keep an eye out for Bruce and his family at many of the campdraft events around Australia where they are a regular feature.